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4 min readMar 9, 2021

If you want to get into the news before anyone else does, then Blockohooters is here to help you with its express publication services. With more than 60 clients in the repertoire since inception in 2017, our clients speak for us. We can work with anyone in any part of the world to promote and help our clients in their venture in the crypto world. We present you with aplomb in the crypto marketing space and also work in building up the biological system of digital currency in its entirety. In our 3 years of extensive experience, we are adept at solving any kind of marketing problems.

What sets us apart?

We endeavour to assist our customers in gaining the trust of their financial institutions. This is done by giving a solid and aboveboard marketing arrangement. That is why Blockohooters is trusted by all the leading names in the industry like 1irstcoin, PayAccept, Next.Exchange, 2local, Crypto Cocktail Coin, EXMR Foundation, Decenternet, Waykichain, Crypto Price Index, Savix and many more. These clients have been featured in top financial and general media platforms like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, AP News, and Hackernoon. Our work is fueled by passion and we are available 24X7 to take care of your dreams.

Each client of ours gets a custom-built package to create a buzz for them in the crypto ecosystem. The total amount to date that has been raised by our clients in IEO and crowdfunding is about 94 million USD.

In a nutshell, we do the following:

● Organic articles

● Press releases

● Project reviews

● Email Marketing

● Banner Ads

● Project Listings.

● Launchpads

● Social Media

● Exchange Listing

Our Core Offerings

We have expertise in all that is trending in the market.

● Our specialty is IEO marketing which uses express publication, launchpad listings, banner advertisements, and email campaigns to get you in the news as fast as possible.

● The ICO marketing of ours is more traditional since we aim to create a reputation for the brand we are working for. We use ICO development, ICO listing, press releases, banner advertisements, and ICO reviews to achieve the goals of our customers.

● STO marketing needs a very specific and specialized procedure and we make sure we cover all of its aspects. From contract development to STO listings, legal publications, publicity, and YouTube reviews, we take care of it all.

Other Marketing Services We Cater To

Our team of advertisers, with their specializations and innovative approach, are driven by the imaginative intensity to help to connect and move individuals all around. In this endeavor, we also provide the following services:

● Press release — Your name will be listed in some of the most reputed sites of the crypto market through press release publishment.

● Organic Publications — You need as much coverage as possible to reach out to more people. We will pitch your ideas to the mainstream media and increase your chances of getting maximum coverage in leaps and bounds.

● Content Marketing — Content is the king and the kingdom, Bill Gates told us many years back. With the internet boom, this prophecy is being realized like never before. With our search optimization and content writing strategies, we will feed the internet with your data in the best possible way so that all search engines pick you up in their search result pages.

● Email Marketing — We will make sure that your email reaches every single investor in the blockchain space.

● Social Media Marketing — Who can doubt the power of social media in today’s era? Anyone who wants to be trending is out there on the social media bandwagon. We will utilize this platform to the hilt to help you and your brand shine.

● Exchange Listing — It is important to get listed in crypto exchanges and launchpads, and we are here to help you with that.

How to get started with us

If it is the time to build your brand, then you must seek our services which are the best in class marketing services. To begin working with us, here are 5 easy steps:

1. Start a discussion with our expert — We want to know your problem first so that our experts can design a solution exclusively for you based on your pain points. Once our expert understands your problem, s/he will take you through all the possible solutions which will help to mitigate your issues.

2. Complete campaign roadmap — After the analysis phase is over, you will get a complete roadmap of how the campaign will be carried out.

3. Seal the deal — Once you are happy with our roadmap, we will close the deal with a payment from your side for covering the costs involved.

4. Execution — All the steps detailed in the roadmap will be carried out one by one, post the deal is done. We will provide detailed reporting to you at each and every step of the execution.

5. Results — You will see tangible results once the campaign is over.


The crypto marketplace is heavily dependent on the investors for the development and future of a company. You need a promoting agency that has the passion and expertise to build a brand name for you in that space and there is no better name than Blockohooters in this field. Blockohooters execute the entire promotional campaign meticulously and passionately to give the desired results to their clients. In the ever-evolving crypto world, Blockohooters will help you streamline correspondences and raise encounters so that your name reaches every investor in the eco-space of cryptocurrencies.

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